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May 28, 2017 16:57:52
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CLICK FOR BTC is an advertising platform that offers people like you to become its members, earn money via clicking various ads and receiving generous referral commissions (and all that - for absolutely NO COST for you!), and advertise their ideas and/or products. Our motto is "Everyone Wins at ClickForBTC" - and that's exactly what happens at ClickForBTC! You're provided with the most intuitive ways and methods of earning and advertising at ClickForBTC!

ClickForBTC is the "outcome" of several researches upon advertising in the global internet market. We are going to take our rightful place among the leaders of this industry with the help of our innovations and ideas!

We use English as the main language for our site and services currently. However, we are planning on translating ClickForBTC into as many other popular languages as possible in the near future!

The current main currency of ClickForBTC is: BTC ( Bitcoin ) from Worldwide/Global.

Be sure that you are 100% safe with us, as we are here to stay and grow together with you!

What is Bitcoin?

"Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto."

How does it work?

"The system is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called the blockchain"

How are they made?

"Bitcoins are created as a reward for payment processing work in which users offer their computing power to verify and record payments into a public ledger. This activity is called mining and miners are rewarded with transaction fees and newly created bitcoins."

Enough with wikipedia quotes next up is why we chose Bitcoin.

Why we chose to make a bitcoin PTC + GPT platform.

We believe that bitcoins and some other alternate crypto currencies are much better than cash/digital cash. Why? It is decentralized.

We feel it is also nice to have something of which you are 100% in control yourself, this is where bitcoins and other alt crypto currencies come in.

We hope we get to pay many of our users in bitcoins and we wish you are all here to stay with us.

Here is short official video on what is bitcoin.


How Much Can I earn?

The amount of money each user can earn varies between the user's membership level, the type and quantity of advertisements the user has viewed, the number of referrals the user has and the number of advertisements the users referrals view. In addition doing any extra tasks such as but not limited to Ad Grid Prizes, Offerwalls and Surveys can exponentially increase the earnings of the user.

If you want to see how much you can make for each of your referral clicks please click the "show" button on the corresponding membership level you are interested in.

mBtcer Btcer/td>
Paid To Click click rates: show show
Maximum Amount of Direct Referrals. Unlimited! Unlimited!
Referral commissions: 25% of they earn, up to 10% of purchases from direct referrals 1st level offerwall commissions, 1% 50% of they earn, up to 25% of purchases 1st level direct refs
10% on 2nd level on purchases + 1% across 3rd-10th levels. + 10 level offerwall commissions, 5%, 3% , 1%
Direct referrals list: Referral stats: Yes Yes
Direct referrals list: Referral remove: Yes Yes
Messages: Storage: 50 2000
Messages: Limits (Day/Week/Month): 10,70,280 50,250,1000
Days between requesting cashouts after paid 1 0
Cashout times 7 Days 7 Days

What is a Direct Referral?

  • Direct Referrals are the people who have joined Click For BTC, indicating you as their sponsor/referrer (or have followed your referral link in order to get to the ClickForBTC site). Your Direct Referrals earn you referral commissions when they View advertisements, purchase Advertising or Upgrade their account at ClickForBTC.


How can I get paid?

  • First. Make some earnings on our site in your own preferred way. we got these options available: PTC ads, Offerwalls, Ad Grid, Surveys, Affiliate Program
  • Second you need bitcoin wallet get one here or here
  • Thirdly Set up your bitcoin wallet address from your selected bitcoin wallet provider in here
  • HINT: It looks similar to to this one here: 1HybcZnDi26VFg4NaZ1qTTEXjd7trg6qsA
  • Final Step Request your payout from our Cashout Section.
  • Extra Step. Enjoy your earnings.
  • How long are cashout times?

  • They are 7 server days for everyone. Not in exact hours but like this:
  • HINT: If you request cashout for example on 1st it would get paid on 7th in normal circumstances.
    HINT II: Proven users receive can their cashouts instantly. *Special conditions apply.

    * Account must be 6 months old must have clicked 10000+ PTC ads & must remain on good standings on our site. We are building a method to enable this as Faucetbox wallet we previously used closed (We might lower the requirement later on as we evolve.)

    Do I have to deposit to cashout?

  • No! We are a PTC & GPT platform where you can get rewarded for doing task and clicking some ads.

  • Are there other requirements to cashout?

  • Since we are mostly a Free platform we require all of our members to click minimum of 50 ptc ads before being able to cashout.

  • I was paid today why I cannot request another right away?

  • mBtcers need to wait 1 day (24hr) between requesting a new cashouts after previous one was paid.
  • HINT: Upgraded users don't have to wait at all between their cashouts but the processing times are same for both

    How can I transfer my main balance to advertisement or upgrade balance?

  • First. Go to this page Transfers & Deposits
  • Second. The first tab on this page is called INFO. Select the balance from "upgrade" or "advertisement" balance buttons below.
  • Third. After page refreshes: Click the "Main Balance button"
  • Third. Using the slider choose the amount you want to transfer and click "continue" button below.
  • Fourth. A dialog appears: Asking you if you really want to transfer
  • Fifth. Click on the "Transfer" button near the "Cancel" and "Close" button on top right of the box.
  • Final Step. And you are done. Congratulations!
  • HINT Only "Main" balance can be transferred. Advertisement or Upgrade balances cannot be transferred!

    How Can I deposit to purchase account upgrades or advertisement?

  • First. Go to this page Transfers & Deposits
  • Second. Click on the second tab on the page with coinpayments logo
  • Third. Select the balance you want to deposit into from the "selector menu"
  • Fourth. On the box below input any amount between 0.001 to 2BTC
  • Fifth Click the coinpayment button to be taken to actual payment page.
  • HINT: The Terms button below coinpayment logo opens an overlay with few lines of texts in it after you have read them you can close it by clicking the Big "Close X" on top right of it.
  • Sixth. Select the "coin" you would like to pay with. We accept more than 30+ alternate cryptocurrencies!
  • Seventh. Fill in details: email to receive your invoice and First & Last Name. (We respect your privacy we only ask these due to AML & KYC)
  • Eight. Send the exact amount in your selected coin + fees to make sure the deposit arrives
  • Final Step. And you are done. Congratulations! The deposit should arrive within few hours

  • HINT Incase you send incorrect amount or more than supposed to. Fear not. Coinpayment automatically sends you a claim funds email to receive what is yours back.
    See the table below for minimum and maximum on both deposits and cashouts

    Deposit Type: Deposit sum (min/max): Cashout Type: Cashout sum (min/max): Cashout Fee (max.):
    Bitcoin: Enabled Instant 0.001 BTC 2.00 BTC Enabled Manual 0.0000001 BTC 1.00 BTC We do not take fees as the Bitcoin
    enables very cheap transaction costs.
    Offerwall Related

    What is an Offerwall?

  • It a a service we offer where you can complete various tasks/offers to gain satoshis.
  • Why I cannot see the offerwalls

  • Our automated security has flagged your account for some reason and blocked access.
  • HINT: Contact support if you believe it be a mistake. Make sure to include username on the site for faster support.

    Why I see only 3 offerwalls?

  • We have requirement such as the need click 25 ptc ads to access more offerwalls. all of this is to prevent fraudulent access in order for us to provide fast cashouts.
  • HINT: You can see your current level on offerwall section on the top left side. Click the button to see requirements for next level. There are 4 states available:
  • New user: Click 25 PTC ads.
  • Proven lvl 2: Click 50 PTC ads.
  • Proven lvl 3: Click 50+ PTC ads & account must be 1 week old.
  • Verified: Verified User.
  • Help I did not get credited on offer/task I completed.

  • You need to contact the offerwalls support the task was completed in as we are unable to help in these.
  • Depending on the offers make sure you followed instructions exactly as told. and make sure you have not completed same offer somewhere else before.
  • For PIN submits you are only allowed to complete once a lifetime if you don't get credited changes are you have already completed offer from same provider.

    What if I want to advertise a site of mine?

    As an advertiser, you get what you pay for at ClickForBTC - and even more! We are different from other sites, because we truly care about our advertisers. This is what we offer you:

    Advertisement Management:
    • You only have to create your Advertising Campaigns once!
    • You can pause, resume or delete them!
    • You may set a demographic filter or just display your Advertisement to all the members of ClickForBTC!
    • You can purchase additional clicks/views - and distribute them between your Advertising Campaigns!
    • You can access the detailed statistics of your Advertising Campaigns while they are "running" - and even after that!
    Click Packs Management:
    • You can purchase any amount of clicks you want!
    • It's you who decides how many clicks will go towards a certain Advertising Campaign of yours!
    Demographic Exposure:
    • You are offered to chooce between displaying your advertisement(-s) to either the whole world or just a few countries of your choice!
    • Toggle the filter on/off to select different countries for each Advertising Campaign!
    Anti-Fraud Protection:
    • Your advertisements will be protected by the safest and the strongest anti-cheat protection that is available nowadays!
    • The clicks made by hackers will never be paid for out of your Advertising Budget (even though we may tell them they are)!