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May 28, 2017 16:57:48
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As youre using survey section for the first time, you need to fill up this form.

As you are attempting these 3rd party surveys, We kindly ask you to spend some of your time to read them and answer each of the questions truthfully. The reason we have and are able to present these to our members in order to gain some satoshis(BTC) with surveys are due to the various parties needing a wide variety of input on their services, products, or even political standpoints. Should you try to cheat, your input may lose their usefulness in which you may find that there no surveys for you.

Important! All survey details and sessions must remain private and you may not share it in any context. Be it in text, social , videos, audio or simply by showing others your answers. Should you attempt to do so you may find that your account has been blocked from the surveys.