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May 28, 2017 17:00:13
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Bugs found on ClickForBTC
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1 2016/02/25 at 18:21    
A quick summing up of current bugs at ClickForBTC. Hope that webmaster reads this because the emails
for admin and info on this website bounce back and are not received.

1. Only 3 messages can be send. After that no more messages are possible. when you send mail to admin
as reported on website you get an email error that email is not received.
2. Lots of ads (triple3at and fortadpays f.i.) take ages to load. This has to do with problems with the website
of the advertiser. These websites should have a timer and show an empt frame if they dont succeed
in loading in a reasonable. All other good PTC-sites do the same.
3. After a failed ad-loading you cant load another AD for 30 seconds. This is complete bullshit.

This beta-test was send for free by:


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2 2016/02/28 at 10:27    
Our mailing address has been updated.

The loading problem is not from our end, it is the slowliness of tt3 or others and if we reject those ads that load slowly this will ruin our business. You may find very little ads to click.

Please wait for 30 seconds more for loading another.

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3 2016/02/28 at 14:49    
Hi admin,
thx for opening the email-adress for now. I still hope that you will also correct the nasty message
"We are sorry but you can have open only 3 cases at the same time." for 3 closed cases at support.

Most ads run great now. It's always the same FORTADPAYS and someteimes triple3at and Earnwithme
that fail to load in normal time. I will except that behaviour and skip them but showing an empty frame
for them is really exceptable and not destroying business. If Ads4BTC and BitterIO can do that then
you can do that also.

Good luck with the site.

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Bugs found on ClickForBTC
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