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May 28, 2017 17:03:27
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1 2016/06/07 at 02:16    

hello I try to remove via faucetbox and I get the following message porfa if they are so kind to help me with this can no longer be removed

Notice! The Cash Flow regulation is Disabled. For more information please read Terms of Service, point 6.6.
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2 2016/06/07 at 06:52    
I have answered your ticket about this.

Also this is in wrong sections it should be under problems and doubts please post in appropriate category.

I will remove this post in few days.

However to answer the question.

The message has been removed as it seems to confuse a lot of members.

Faucet Box is disabled due to heavy abuse.

Please request manual bitcoin cashout.

We apologize for the inconvenience. :)

Ps. All of it reads on first ad on site the News from June. :)
Rightchoice edited message on 2016/06/07 at 06:56
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