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May 28, 2017 17:03:28
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PTCWall Not Credit to Account Balance
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1 2016/06/12 at 09:19    
PTCWall Earning Not Credit to Account Balance

Status On Pending At My Acc, But at Reward Site Status Was Credited
can i know what happen?

joycoinbase edited message on 2016/06/12 at 09:26
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2 2016/06/12 at 09:40    

It is from super rewards right? 102000 satoshis

I checked it and indeed it has credit to us but it has not send the postback yet. This from Superrewards side not ours.

As soon as the postback comes it will credit to your account.

Please give it a max 24 hours if it then does not credit I will look into it further

Funny thing. Due to sudden bitcoin rise you earned 98% of our earnings :D

Don't worry we have never had problems with offerwalls not crediting. :)

EDIT: I checked PTC wall too and there is some offer you have completed. worth approx 7 cents in USD.

Could be same thing as you just completed it has not send postback yet.

Lets do this if it has not given the reward in 24 hours. Contact Our support from the footer. I will then add them manually.

1 last thing. Just to make sure you are not using an adblock right? as it can block our scripts from working as supposed to? It is important to disable or white list on our site AND the external window the PTC wall might or any other offerwall might give.
Rightchoice edited message on 2016/06/12 at 10:01
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3 2016/06/12 at 13:44    
As I thought there was a safe period before it rewarded the task.

First task was rewarded just now. PTC wall history was not enabled yet so it does not show up but according to your balances it was rewarded. On that note PTC wall history was added on offerwall. :)
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PTCWall Not Credit to Account Balance
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