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May 28, 2017 17:00:30
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July News
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Hi all.

Another month has passed. Click For BTC turned 6 months old. While I have been a member of Click For BTC all that time. Reality is that I have been its admin for only 4month :cool:

As everyone can see. the theme of the site was changed. I hope you like it. :)

We have now 7 Offerwalls. Most recent addition Trialpay. Enjoy.


Some bad things have also been happening so here goes:

Fraudsters on Offerwall have appeared.

Also some multi accounting has been there. I recently suspended 300 accounts for using Proxies, VPNs or simply multi accounting/same ip.

There were few mistakes during suspensions too of which the users were compensated for.

To Everyone please read:
1.xx and 6.xx parts on our TOS. It is important to know what is allowed and what it is not. Under some cases cashouts can take up to 60 days. Usually this affects only a few users.

Montly Contest Winners Has been now posted.
  • 1st morwin
  • 2nd argentario
  • 3rd reiniere2015

  • 4-6th also received 0.0025btc on their upgrade balance.

    Next Month Referral Contest is as follows.

    "We will reward the top 3 referrers at the start of July with 0.0025 btc on Upgrade Balance for being able to buy upgrade which costs 0.0025 BTC normally. If you win the contest, you can enjoy double commissions from your direct referrals in the next month.

    There are now more prices added:

    4-6th receives 0.0025btc on upgrade balance!

    In addition top 3 will also receive 0.01 btc on their main balance and 0.005 btc on their advertiser balance. The extra prices will be added manually upon contest expiration."

    Our Social Medias

    I would suggest to follow us on facebook or google+. In case there are sudden down times these are the places they will be announced at.




    As always If you anyone has suggestion feel free to contact us by email/support or comment here or in any of our social medias. :)
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    July News
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