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May 28, 2017 17:00:33
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Some Amazing NEWS!
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1 2016/01/05 at 15:37    
-We have mostly removed "Rented Referral" related texts and parts from the site. Now, we only allow direct referrals.

-We are now working on "forced views" for the ads like in clixsense, which will be good for advertisers.

-System is working like a charm for finding referrals. Today, I advertised a new site that I have never advertised on anywhere, and I got 2 referrals in 3 hours. I also got 3 more referrals to Eden Traffic since we launched. I checked their usernames and those users are also our users in Click For BTC. This is great.

-Some of our users started to advertise with us, he bought 0.007 BTC worth of ptc advertising in 15 seconds ads. As we find more users and implement "forced views" we will reach more advertisers and that will also be good for free users. win-win. Please dont forget to be a member to the advertised sites with their referral links.

-Site is growing like crazy, we reached 500+ people in just 4 days after launch. We will reach 1000+ users real soon. Everybody is referring others on other programs as our referral system offers good amount referral commission percentages (25% for standart, 50% for premium members and the referral contest continues)

-With "Coinpayments" system that we integrated yesterday, you can spend your Altcoins also such as Litecoins, Dogecoins etc, not only Bitcoins. A great tool to spend your never used altcoins.

That is all I can say for now.

I will update you again if we got something worth.


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Some Amazing NEWS!
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