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May 28, 2017 16:58:59
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Monthly News | November
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1 2016/11/02 at 11:17    

Hi all. Very Interesting times ahead.

First thank you for everyone for the patience on the issues we had last month!

Banking Process:

We have temporary solution and it works for the time being while trying to find out a long term solution.


A new theme on site.

I can only hope our members like it.

I will be honest it was released in advance so there can be bugs! Be sure to let me know if you find any. Original date it was supposed to be released is 1st of January 2017



  • Kiwiwall was added on site.

  • Minutestaff:

    We got an answer from their support and we are now waiting for a fix.


    Our Social Medias

    I would suggest to follow us on facebook or google+. In case there are sudden down times these are the places they will be announced at."




    As always If you anyone has suggestion feel free to contact us by email/support or comment here or any of our social medias. :)
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    2 2016/11/03 at 04:59    
    nice modification
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    Monthly News | November
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