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May 28, 2017 17:00:33
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New Advertisement Prices!
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1 2016/02/08 at 21:37    
Hi, Good News!
We have arranged PTC advertisement prices so that we can have more advertisers and our users have more ads to click. Even if the rewards for each click have decreased dramatically, it comes to the same thing. You will compensate your earnings with more ads to click.

At the moment, we are offering the cheapest price ever. There are no other PTC sites that offers such low prices. Now we got these ad types and prices:
-10 Seconds View: 1000 visits for 0.001 BTC
-20 Seconds View: 1000 visits for 0.0013 BTC
-30 Seconds View: 1000 visits for 0.00165 BTC
-60 Seconds View: 1000 visit for 0.00255 BTC

There is a wholesale model in buying ads. If you buy more visits, you will get them cheaper.

Now, targeting is available for all types of ads. You can target your ads by country and by membership status. Do not forget that if you target, your ad will be delivered more slowly. We have also added "Fixed Packages", by which you can advertise 1, 5, 10 days long and lastly we have added new categories for ads.

Another good news is that we got new promotional banners to promote Click For BTC. If you have some banner ads on other sites to promote us, please change it to the current ones because these brand new banners are high quality banners designed by a professional banner designer and surely they will get more clicks, which is better for you. You will have more direct referrals with the help of these banners. Check our new banners!

On the other hand, we are sorry to inform you that we had to delete the current PTC ads that some of our users set. But, this is to protect you from previous higher ad prices. Now, you can set your ads again and take advantage of the lower prices.

That is all for now. We were under a huge change for a better program.

We hope you liked it.

Thank you.

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New Advertisement Prices!
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