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May 28, 2017 17:00:30
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New Owner-Rightchoice
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1 2016/03/10 at 21:35    
Hi all, I want to announce that I have sold Click For BTC to "Rightchoice".

He is a trusted and well-known internet/affiliate marketer and we know him for a long time. So, you can give him full trust and warm welcome. I am sure he will do his best to grow the site.

The reason why I sold is totally about "time". As most of you know, I got a website called "Earn With Me" and I want to concentrate fully on it. I was not finding enough time to deal with Click For BTC. So, even if Click for BTC has a bright future, the best thing to do was to sell it to a trusted person, who will take charge, control everything and take Click For BTC to the next level.

On 15th March 2016, the transferring process for domain name will be fully completed and I (sercan) will have no authorisation on Click For BTC after that date.

On those days, you may face some downtime due to changing of nameservers and hosting. But in a short time it will be alright.

I wish Rightchoise good luck and success for his new business. I am pretty sure he will do better than me.

Thank you.

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New Owner-Rightchoice
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