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May 28, 2017 17:00:28
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I know I promised to post today more but..
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1 2016/03/19 at 07:54    
Hi all.

Here is the current situation:

I was supposed to give a full introduction but I simply can't. I became ill. after 10 years of not having an fever I got one. ;( I really need some rest so I will instead update this post slowly.

The site is running nicely no problems. we managed to fix the ad creation which is awesome.

Short Term Plans:

Ad creation fixed DONE

Adding offerwalls. DONE
    Super Reward DONE
    Offertoro added DONE
    Virool added REMOVED

New Premium Membership Prices and compensation plan DONE
Read more here

Increasing memberbase and activity

Cashout times of 6-24 hours via manual withdrawal. DONE

ADDED Time based Banner Impressions packages which takes certain amount of credits a day.

125x125 10 credits per day
468x60 15 credits per day
728x90 20 credits per day.

Medium Term Plans

Looking into changing current ad values without affecting the prices for advertisers.

Long Term Plans

I am currently looking into changing script of the site to Evolution. Currently lot of the problems are due to the script being 100% encoded so it hard to modify anything if something is broken.

Known Bug List

Unable to pause or resume ads the button to do so does not work. FIXED

Recapctha does not work on advertisements. (Tested Out)

Feel Free to comment below. Basically I would like clickforbtc be the clixsense of btc
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2 2016/03/19 at 17:29    
I am waiting for the rest of the plans impatiently. :)
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3 2016/03/29 at 11:14    
Thanks for your work! I like to see offerwalls on this site, good oportunity to earn making tasks, surveys, view videos.
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I know I promised to post today more but..
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