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May 28, 2017 16:59:04
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A little chitchat
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1 2016/01/04 at 20:53    
Hey guys, i like bitcoins, thats the reason why i am here, now, this is a nice concept, working for bitcoins, but, i think viewing this adds is extremly unprofitable compared as in example, to bitcoin faucets, what about payin a lil bit more for add? or add least looking for more advisers, so it should be more comfortable to earn a good bunch of bitcoins here than visiting faucet by faucet, is just a suggestion, we all community that know bitcoins should support it, and this is a good way to, but it could become more atractive. Btw where i am supoussed to ser my bitcoin address tu recive payments?
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2 2016/01/04 at 21:47    
Welcome to Click For BTC.

You can find the place to add your bitcoin address here:

My account>Profile>Accounts§ion=accounts

The amount of bitcoin that you can get depends only on advertisers.

If there is anyone willing to advertise, then as a free user you can click them and get your free bitcoins. If there is not, you can't.

Since this is a newly launched site, we are in the progress of finding more users. But dont worry, when we got more users, more advertisers will be interested in advertising with us.

Even after two days of launch we got 460+ users now. We will soon reach 1000 users soon, so advertisers will began to be interested in advertising. Even today, we got some ads from 2 users, which is good.

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A little chitchat
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